Escaping Bad Friendships

Escaping Bad Friendships

Karina Moya and Katy Hyder

Have you ever been in a bad friendship? A friend who doesn’t treat you the way you deserve to be treated. A bad friendship can be just as awful as a bad relationship with a boyfriend or girlfriend. Everyone deserves a friend that they can rely on, trust, and share their secrets with. Sadly, sometimes those friends we thought we could trust, aren’t who you think they are. They go behind your back and break the trust that you once had with them. If this is happening to you, then you’re in a bad friendship.

Signs you’re in a bad friendship:

  • Constantly being put down- telling you that you look bad in what you’re wearing, how your makeup looks, etc.
  • Fighting with you over everything- Small things that don’t need to be arguments turn into arguments.
  • Making you lie to your parents or theirs- so they can be sneaky, do bad things.
  • Making you feel bad about the good choices you make- Their choices may not be as well as the choices you make and this friends doesn’t want you to continue on a good path.
  • Pressuring you to do something you don’t want to do- Sneak out, drugs, alcohol, stealing from stores, etc.

If you feel as if your friendship applies to any or all of those, there are a few ways to fix or terminate them.

First, you could try sitting down and talking with them. Try telling them how you feel about her/him, about how the friendship is going, why you feel like it isn’t going too well. If they feel the same, then maybe you can agree to stop being friends for a little bit, or try to figure things out.

If your friend feels like things could be fixed and you don’t want it to be fixed then that is okay. Simply tell them that the friendship was great at first, things change and people change.

If talking to them nicely doesn’t work then just not talking to them and blocking them is the next best thing to do. If they continue to harass and be an awful friend to you, you could talk to a parent, a teacher, or another friend about what’s going on and get help with ending the friendship.

Being in a bad friendship is something that is bound to happen. However, getting out of this friendship is the best thing for you. It may be tough getting rid of this friend because of how much you may love him or her, how much fun you guys have, all the memories, etc. In the end, you will be much happier having the negativity of this friendship out of your life.