Overtime for the Owls


Meghan Tarr

On the girls’ varsity soccer team, we aren’t just teammates we are family. Tuesday, October 13th, the girls’ varsity soccer team had a game against Alvirne. It was a big game because they were ahead of us in the standings by one place. It was a big game that we needed to win to move up.

The game started at 5:30 under the lights, it was intense. Alvirne scored the first goal in the first half. That didn’t stop us from giving up. We wanted to win, we kept playing hard and fast. Shortly after Timberlane scores a goal to tie it up 1-1.

Everyone was so excited to tie it up we were all working so hard. Second half had ended and it was still tied, this meant we had to go into overtime.

Midfielder Sarah Heckman said, “No one gave up or even showed they were tired. Our team has been to overtime before so we knew how to handle the pressure.”

Overtime is first goal wins. First round over overtime had ended and no one had scored. This meant that we were going into double overtime for another 10 minutes.

With only a few minutes left in double overtime, the other team got a penalty kick because an Alvirne player had fallen in the box. Usually penalty kicks go in because it’s just the goalie and the person kicking the ball. It’s a 50:50 chance that it will go in.

Everyone was confident in our Timberlane goalie Brooke Rooney that she would make the save. Alvirne thought they were going to win the game because of this penalty kick. The whistle blew and Brooke was determined to make the save. Alvirne kicks the ball, and BROOKE MAKES A SAVE.

We were so excited, and everyone’s adrenaline was up. Brooke punted the ball to Maddie Flagg, and Maddie scores with only a few minutes left. Our team was so happy. We all played so well and didn’t give up. This win moved Timberlane up to 6th place out of 19 teams. Come watch the Owls play their last few games of the season.

The lady Owls Varsity soccer team will be heading to playoffs with 7 wins, 7 losses and 2 ties. We are tied for 8th , that means we will go to playoffs. Alvirne finished off their season in 7th place. They will also be going to playoffs.