Dance Team Summit


Victoria Swillum

On Friday October 16th the Timberlane Dance Team had its first Dance Team Summit. A dance summit is when one school invites other high schools and colleges that are from the area to come and perform. Some of the teams that performed were Goffstown High School, ConVal High School, and Kearsarge High School along with UNH, and SNHU dance teams

It was interesting to see how each school had such unique performance styles and choreography. Choreography is the movements in a dance and each dance is always different. Some of the schools had really small dance teams of as small as 6 people. They were still cheered on the same as any other team, UNH would cheer and throw their pom poms in the air after every performance.

This was a great opportunity for the team to show their talents and skills. Given that colleges came to perform it gave the option for upperclassmen team members to look for dancing opportunities through their college careers.

“It went super well, it was really fun to get involved with other schools to share our love of dance! We made connections there that could last a lifetime!” (Captain Natalie Livingston)

Timberlane performed and hosted the event. There were concessions and a welcoming committee made up of our very own dance team. Dance Team members and parents put together raffle baskets for the event. Some baskets included a “Dance Girl” basket with everything dance and everything pink!

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