Scary Fun

Karina Moya and Katy Hyder

Looking for a better scare than what you would get at Screamfest? Come to Witch’s Woods located in Westford Mass. Witch’s Woods includes a haunted hayride and 5 haunted houses to experience an amazing scare! They also have amusement park rides for you to enjoy.

Admission price is 34 dollars and it includes everything; hayrides to the exhilarating carnival rides. It is open from Thursday to Sunday all throughout October. If you have a lot of friends then you can take up to 15 of them for a discount. Thursday is 27 dollars and Friday-Sunday is 30 dollars. Not much of a discount but every bit counts!

The hayride was one of the best parts. Witches, zombies, killers, clowns, all hidden in the woods coming straight at you. Some of the characters had chainsaws and they came right next to you with them making you very scared for what they’re going to do next with them.

There is a house that has 3-D effects and glow in the dark. You get a pair of 3D glasses and get thrown into trippy rooms, tons of strobe lights, and characters coming at you. It’s one of the best houses because of the 3D effects it has. The glow in the dark feature makes it harder to pay attention to what’s going on and where to go.

Even though this is a long drive about 45 minutes, it is well worth the drive. The scare you get at Witch’s Woods is way better than driving 20 minutes to Canobie. Happy spooking! 🙂