What do Republicans stand for?

What do Republicans stand for?

Greg Moore

Many people have the perception that Republicans are just for big business and a powerful military, however few people really know what else they stand for.


Republicans believe that taxes should be the same for everyone. Everyone should pay a flat rate of taxes, no matter whether you are Bill Gates, or an average American. Along with a flat tax, Republicans believe that wages should be set by the free market.

Republicans believe that government regulations suffocate free market capitalism and job growth. They believe that with so many government regulations it is hard for businesses to compete with one another. They believe that government regulation makes it hard for people to experience the American dream.


The Republicans stance on controversial issues such as abortion, and gay marriage has drawn widespread debate.

They believe that abortion should be illegal. Republicans believe that the fourteenth amendment which states that; all citizens of the United States have the right to life, liberty, and property applies to unborn children.

Republicans also disagree with Democrats on gay marriage; because they believe in traditional marriage of a man and a women. Also, they believe a traditional is a better family dynamic for a child to be raised in.


Republicans also believe that private companies can provide better healthcare than the federal government. They disagree with “Obamacare” which makes it mandatory for everyone to have health insurance or they will face a fine.


Republicans tend to favor a stronger military. They think that the military budget should be raised in order to maintain the United States status of the strongest military in the world.