Pumpkin Everything


Sarah Heckman

It’s that time of year again where all of the pumpkin flavored drinks and foods are in almost every store you go in. Fall time is filled with the best limited edition flavors and scents that put you in the mood to go apple picking, carve a pumpkin, or even go on a hayride.


Dunkin Donuts is notorious for having all of the fall lover’s dreams come true with the pumpkin spice lattes, coffees, donuts, and almost anything you could name. Even though coffee is probably the first thing you think of when it comes to pumpkin flavors, there are so many more things that can really spice up the fall mood.


To make your home cozier and really get the New England feel indoors, there are even pumpkin scented candles. This candle scent blends well with the smell of homemade apple crisp, and a fresh fall breeze through your screen door.



Spend a day outside in the orchard picking the best looking apples and eating cider donuts. The farms are seasonal and fall is the only time when the apples are perfect and the weather is too. Usually at these farms there are sections for pumpkin picking where you and your family pick out the best and biggest pumpkin you can find for carving.


Some popular seasonal orchards and farms are Applecrest, Smolak farms, and Mack’s Apples. Here is where you can find out more about these great places!,

http://www.applecrest.com/, http://www.smolakfarms.com/



Senior fall lover Meghan Tarr said, “I think pumpkin picking is perfect during fall because I love pumpkin picking and carving with my family and friends, also I love the foliage.”


Pumpkin flavors, pumpkin carving and Halloween are the staple of fall. Whether you’re carving a Halloween design on a giant pumpkin with friends and sipping on some hot apple cider, or making a jack o’lantern on the “good side” of the pumpkin with family, your masterpiece will be on the front step for the little kids to see while trick or treating.