Four Easy Steps for the Future

Ashley Cooper

As many of you know, college can be a stressful topic. Family members are constantly asking you about your future and your plans, when you don’t even know what to answer. Take a deep breath and relax. Four simple steps will help relieve you of this time of headaches and weight on your shoulders.


Step One: Take a step out of your comfort zone.

Take certain courses that will push you beyond your limits a little bit. Work hard

and get good grades. Try to make yourself stand out from the rest so you’re known for your academics and great achievement. Even if your grades aren’t as good in a harder class as they may be in a CCP level course, colleges will realize the challenge you’re setting for yourself, and will be more likely to take you based off of those courses.


Step Two: Make the people around you aware.

Let family members, friends, and guidance counselors know of your decision for college. Make them push you to continue to try throughout the school year. It’s also a good choice to let them know so that when you do feel stressed and overwhelmed, they can be there as people for you to vent to. They’ll be able to give you back positive feedback to encourage you to continue to do your best, because college will come soon and all your hard work will pay off.


Step Three: Picture yourself in the future.

Tour as many colleges as you can, especially the ones that you’re most interested in. While you’re there, try to imagine yourself attending that school. If you can’t, it’s not a right match. However, if you can then look even further into the school and what they have to offer. Take a look at their clubs and what type of classes they have that are suitable to you. Once you find that certain place you really want to attend, a lot of your nervousness for college will begin to fade.


Step Four: Money, money, and more money

College is expensive, there’s no denying that. That’s why you need to look for scholarships as soon as possible. You can find scholarships for mostly anything! Also, apply for financial aid and see how much you can get. Even the littlest amounts can make a difference.


If you just follow these four simple steps, your path to college will be a lot smoother. Make sure to always try your hardest and challenge yourself. Remind people of your choice to go to college and make sure when you decide on a college, that it’s a place you can really see yourself attending. Money will take a lot of weight of your parent’s shoulders, so try to get as much as you can!