Flip your Closet


Kendall Broadhurst

If you love shopping and buying clothes, you probably find yourself with an empty wallet, and a clutter of clothes you never wear hiding in your closet. Buying new clothes for every season can be expensive, especially when you’re paying for your own clothes, and a single shirt cost as what you earn during a shift at work. It’s time that those old pairs of jeans you’ve outgrown, and the shirts you’ve decided you don’t like, become more than just hand-me-downs.

What if I told you could sell your old clothes for money from your smart phone? The app Poshmark, is the leading fashion app where women buy and sell clothing and accessories from each other’s closets. A community has been built where members can buy and sell with confidence and ease.

Getting started on Poshmark is easier than ever, and you can do so in just three simple steps:

Step 1: List Your Item. Start by finding an item in your closet that you just don’t wear anymore. For example a dress you wore to a dance once, or jeans that just don’t fit.

Step 2: Ship Your Item. Once your item sells, Poshmark will do the hard work. They send you a pre-paid pre-addressed shipping label. All you have to do is print it out, package the item, and drop it off at the corner mailbox or at the nearest US Post Office.

Step 3: Earn Cash. You can withdraw your earnings from Poshmark anytime for free! You can either deposit your money directly into your checking account, request a check, or use the cash to purchase directly on Poshmark.

It’s time you take control of the clutter in your closet and turn it directly into cash. Poshmark is great because it is easy to sell. When you add items, you can add the brand, size, color, and original price. Poshmark makes finding what you’re looking for easy, which also means selling in no time!                           Although Poshmark is a great way to get rid of clothes, there are other ways to clear your closet, while also helping others. If you aren’t interested in selling your clothes then donating is a great option. Timberlane has a charity organization called My Sister’s Closet, where you can bring your old clothes to help out your fellow classmates and friends that may be in need. If you bring clothing into school to donate, drop them off in room 400. The closet is open before and after school hours and is open to anyone!