The New Kid On The Block, Latin Class 2015

Vince Pigott

For another incredible venture in Timberlane history, there is a new foreign language class added to the school that class is Latin. Latin has been a language for years and some claim it to be a dead language however Timberlane will bring it back! Mr. D’angelo will bring back the love and joy many use to receive from the language.


The new class has been a desired class by many for years; it is only up until now that the class has recently been added due to the final push of school board support. After looking for the right teacher for the position for some time, the school has finally hired Mike D’angelo. One reason it was so difficult to add the class was because a teacher for the class was hard to find D’angelo was hired for the Latin teacher position last summer. In his short time here, he says he “loves it.” He “enjoys the students” and “believes they all enjoy taking Latin” He also said that “Latin is helping TRHS by adding another language the school will be a little more diverse”


Although the class has been here for such a short time, the Latin program is already “advancing through the school,” according to D’Angelo (or however you spell his last name!). After school programs, more students enrolling in the classes and even an honor society are all stemming from this wonderful new class.


A student in the class, senior Carina Iacozzi, had some rather interesting words to say about the new class. She claims the class is “calming” and “non stressful.” However, she claims that she is “learning a lot in class”. This Latin class is stellar!


Senior James DiVasta is also a student in the class. DiVasta, unlike Iacozzi, joined the class late. DiVasta stated that he was “learning right away” as soon as he entered the class. He finds the class “fun” and recommends it to all who are undecided on one language. Latin is an amazing new class with much potential. If there were such thing as the rookie class of the year award this class would have won it within the very first week of the school year.