How Were Your First Weeks of School?

Zach Thibeault

The first weeks of school are coming to a close just as quickly as the year began. A fresh start to the New Year means all new classes and new beginnings. For most, the start of the New Year is the best part of school. Being able to see all your friends again and to have new and better classes.

The students who have been around the school for a few years now know what to expect from teachers and their classmates.   Junior Noah Dolloff said he is mostly looking forward to, “Meeting new people from all classes”. After getting the feel for all the new classes, Dolloff also said that, “All of my classes are fun and enjoyable and I’m looking forward for them being fun and enjoyable all year!”

But for the newcomers, they don’t know what to expect. For a newcomer, who has only been in the high school for a short amount of time, Freshman Nolan McGrath says, “All my classes are fantastic, I love them all.” McGrath is all smiles about his classes and Timberlane as a whole. He also says that he is looking forward to, “All of the curricular activities and most importantly, my first Spirit Week.”

Looks like Timberlane has been treating all of the students very well for its first couple weeks of school. I hope everyone is having as good of a time so far in the new school year as much as these guys are. Have a great year and good luck!