Spirit Week Highlights

Kelsie Collins

Another TRHS Spirit Week is here and everyone’s excited. I’m working on going around and getting feedback from students in each grade to see how Spirit Week went for them. Jason Hughes said,  “I’m upset Spirit Week came so soon. It’s Friday afternoon and I’ve just left the pep rally. It was awesome per usual!”


For the freshmen, Alex Kakouris proudly said, “My highlight would be being able to dress up for sport day because my grade had the Patriots, and I got to dress up as my favorite player, Tom Brady!”  Sammie Carrigan said, “I enjoyed color day because it’s the day I went all out!”


For the sophomores, Jillian Aziz said with a smile on her face, “Hawaiian day was my favorite because I got to dress as if it was still summer which is my favorite season!” Jake Heckman said, “My highlight was mismatch day because it was fun, easy, and everyone got involved!”


“My highlight would have to be the carnival because the juniors won the volleyball game!” said junior Josh Thibeault. On music genre day, Jessie Ward, who looked happy as usual, shared her school spirit,“My highlight is being able to dress country today because I love country music!”


Senior Zach Thibeault stated, “My favorite part was finally being able to wear a toga after three years of watching the toga walk. Also, I’m excited for the football game tonight! Go Owls!” Brooke Delahunty said, “I really enjoyed the toga walk but I’m really excited for the Spirit Week dance tomorrow. It’s my last Spirit Week dance and I’m going to go crazy!”
It looks as if every person from every class had something new they really enjoyed about Spirit Week! Good luck to everyone participating in next year’s Spirit Week!