Role Model Owl

Bailey Schott

At Timberlane, being an Owl is all about respect, respecting your teachers, your peers and even yourself. Respect not only makes for a better learning experience, but also for a better social environment. Timberlane is full of respectful, well-rounded students; however, there are some specific Owls that stand out to the students and staff as role models. Meghan Tarr, in particular, is a senior role model Owl.


For those who don’t know Tarr, she is an outgoing, positive, well-rounded student. She is very involved in the school and applies herself to make the most of her high school experience. She plays on the varsity soccer and cross country team in the fall and runs track in the winter and spring. This year, she is part of an after school group, called Project Hope. This group helps raise money for cancer. It helps research and locate families affected by cancer.


A lot of you know Tarr as a runner or a soccer player or even the girl that yells “OH MY GOD.” Aside from being a three season athlete and an outgoing student, Tarr is a standout role model. Tarr stands out because smiling is her forte, day and night she’s always equipped with her smile. It doesn’t matter what time of day it is or where you spot her, she always has a big smile on her face and a positive attitude.


Going through an eight period school day can be hard and keeping a positive attitude throughout those eight periods can be even harder. What’s the secret to keeping such a positive attitude? “Just…go with the flow.” Tarr says, “I am always happy and I laugh [a lot] and everyone deserves respect. I just treat people how I want to be treated.”
Tarr goes through school day to day living by the golden rule, leading by example of how we should all treat each other. Because of Tarr’s positive attitude, respect for others, and big smile, she is Timberlane’s role model Owl.