Tuckin Farm vs Boss Burger

Sean Crowley and Nils Ericsson

America; creator of freedom, the electric guitar, and most importantly home to one of the greatest foods of all time. Unfortunately, the exact origin of this savory sandwich is up to debate, but one thing is certain. Since the birth of the brilliant concept burgers have been evolving rapidly. This month we take a look at two of southern New Hampshire’s finest and most delicious burgers, “The Whole Tuckin Farm” and “The Boss Burger.”

The Tuckaway Tavern, located in Raymond NH, has a menu featuring some of the most cutting edge burger science of the 21st century. Delicacies include a “steak and cheese” burger and a burger topped with pulled pork. But this restaurant’s most prized sandwich is the “Whole Tuckin Farm”, properly named for its use of nearly every creature on the farm besides the barnyard cat. The burger begins with a delicious patty, cooked to medium well perfection. This scrumptious patty alone tops most burgers in the region. But it’s above the patty where the real magic happens. Such magic as a succulent, crispy piece of fried chicken topped with two slices of bacon and blanketed with a piece of sharp cheddar. Such a creation can only be finished off with a secret house sauce “Tuck Sauce”.

The sandwich can be best described by Timberlane senior Joe Margareci, “A perfect blend of meats and cheeses that complement the atmosphere of the Tuckaway Tavern.”

The challenger in this month’s burger battle comes from Jack Haffner’s. When looking at the menu you will come across a luscious sandwich by the name of “Boss Burger” at the incredibly affordable price of $6.99. This burger has of course a burger patty cooked to your liking, pastrami, bacon, a fried egg, hash brown patty, jalapeno cheese, cheddar cheese, and spicy ketchup dressing. Where else can you get a burger that has everything from pastrami to your basic breakfast needs.

Local resident Liam Kimball describes the burger as, “A long walk on the beach where the land of deliciousness meets the ocean of magnificent.”

Two top tier contenders this month. The NH award winning “Whole Tuckin Farm” or the gas station favorite “boss burger”. The winner? You decide.