Spirit Week Do’s and Dont’s

Kelsie Collins and Zach Thibeault

Spirit Week is approaching and everyone’s anxious. As the emotions of everyone rise about whether you’re overdoing it or under doing it. Getting so worried you forget what day is what. Just know that you’re going to be ok!


Hopefully we can help you out with these do’s and don’ts of Spirit Week!


  1. First off, forget the mind set of overdoing it, when it comes to spirit week there is no such thing as overdoing it. But watch out for under doing it, you don’t want to be that select few group of kids who stand out for actually looking normal.
  2. Most importantly, you don’t want to worry too much. You don’t want to worry so much that you start overthinking and take away from the fun of Spirit Weeks.


  1. Don’t be that person who goes all out one day and decides not to the next. Truthfully, you only stand out if you aren’t going all out.
  2. Pep Rally Etiquette- Don’t know if your class should stand or yell or just sit there and be quiet? The biggest mistake is sitting there during the pep rally and not doing class chants or at least shouting. Definitely stand and shout and let it all out!  Show everyone your class is the best!


  1. The goal for spirit week is to go all out, it’s possible to do so even if you’re rolling on a budget. If you’re struggling to find the right spirit week attire contacting an upperclassman always comes in handy.


Try your best and always go all out. Good Luck!!