Justin Prak

According to reports, five Chinese warships moved from the Bering Sea near Alaska coming from a naval exercise with Russia , September 4th 2015. Upon further examination by the United States military, officials stated that the Chinese warships revealed no sort of threat to the United States in any way, Nonetheless; the military is closely monitoring the region for safety measures. Reports given by the military shows that the  U.S officials are tracking the Chinese warships as they continue traversing through international waters.


Although the intentions of the Chinese are unclear. The warships have never come to this region before, but  the Military will respect the international law and will be diplomatically disciplined towards it, The United States still  questions why did the warships come during the President’s visit. According to an article by Fox News, to clear up the problems with the warships the Pentagon Stated that; “the ships transited expeditiously and continuously through the Aleutian Island chain in a manner consistent with international law”. Coincidently, the President of the United States, Barack Obama was near that region at the same time when the Chinese warships were spotted. What were China’s intentions? Was it to spook the President or was it just a naval exercise?


The ships were 12 nautical miles near the US coast, which technically can be seen as a cross of territory since the ships were pretty close. This brought concerns for both the people and the government, but since the Chinese Warships respected the International Waters Law, no violations occurred.The government of the Chinese did state that this was a routine exercise with Russia and that the Chinese warships decided to take shorter shipping routes in order to save time. The U.S is still on edge but proceeds to take cautious steps, reports from the Pentagon during an announcement stated that the U.S will talk to China about the concern of crossing International Waters, basically trying to avoid a situation like this happening again.