Extreme Makeover: Timberlane Edition

Ally Collins, Senior

Walking into school on the first day, you may have noticed some changes to our high school and the campus.


Over the summer, many improvements were made to Timberlane. One of the major improvements made over the summer was the remodeling of the front office. Before, the office did not face the entrance, so visitors entering and exiting were not visible.


Mrs. Vivian Lukas, who has worked in the front office for the last eight years commented, “I absolutely love the new office,” with a big smile on her face. She mentioned how the new office allows her to “concentrate better on who is entering and leaving the school, while still being able to see all her babies.”


In addition to making Timberlane a safer school, the new renovation has made the process of entering and exiting the school much easier.


Not only were renovations made to the inside of the school, but there have been several new additions made to Timberlane’s athletic facilities. One big addition is a brand new press box overlooking the football field. The new press box has more square footage than the old one and is divided so that coaches of the opposing teams, local newspapers, clock operators, and coaches of Timberlane all have their own private space within the press box.


Mr. Fantasia, Timberlane’s Athletic Director, shared, “We are very excited to have the new press box,” adding that it was “much needed.”


Mr. Fantasia also filled us in that the new press box is equipped with a brand new amplifier and sound system. The new press box will surely get put to good use during football games, lacrosse games, track meets, and other school events.


Other improvements made over the summer consist of adding a speed bump to the stop sign at the SAU and the newly paved and lined road in front of the gym.  All of the improvements made over the summer have made our school a safer and more efficient place to be. Thanks to the hard work and fundraising, we now have a beautiful new office, press box, and freshly paved roads.