The Apple and Pear Smack Down

Which fruit is best enjoyed for the fall?

Liam Kimball & Jonathan Breed, Seniors

Every fall when leaves turn brown and the air turns cool, people start turning away from the usual summer fruits and begin looking for their favorite fall fruits. Apples are possibly this region’s favorite fruit for the summer months, bringing on traditions of apple picking and the occasional apple bobbing. Pears do not have much cultural tradition in this region compared to apples but still are enjoyed by some during most seasons.

A quick survey of Timberlane staff and students revealed…

Apple Votes 39

Pear Votes 7

Total Votes 46

*A strong bias seems to have formed the votes of some students

Local Timberlane student and faculty commented on their opinion of this great debate.

“Just love apples of all different types, it is just great. Always so many choices and options.” – Mr. Joshua Silveira


“I like pears better because they just have so much more flavor, much better texture, and a great crunch. Jon Breed eats apples, so that’s why I eat pears”” – Mr. Brian Deveney


“Pears are far more dominant than an apple. Eating a pear is like a blissful kiss on the lips to many people not actually having experience with any pears. The ‘eatability’ is just profound and the health benefits outdo apples.” -Nils Ericsson


What comes to mind when you hear a sweet, juicy yellow or green fruit with a rounded shape that comes smaller to the top of the stalk? The varieties could keep pear lovers enjoying the fresh, bright and firm texture fruit with rich flavor. Pears can be prepared for jams, pies, and fruit salad. Right after the midst of the hot month of July, a person can just pick off a pear and enjoy the blissful fruit.


Apples may have won the vote from a slight bias but they are the fall favorite fruit. Whether it comes to apple picking, or enjoying different forms of apples. Eating apple pies, apple sauce, or even drinking apple cider the fruit can be enjoyed in many ways. The people choose an apple because of the variety of options and the flavor of the fruit being delicious and delectable.