Boston Bombing Trial

For those who live in America, especially Boston, April 15th 2013 will be a date that is forever etched in our memory. On the day of the Boston Marathon, a day meant to celebrate athletes from all over the world and encourage tolerance and appreciation for people of various cultures, two Islamic extremists, detonated pressure cooker bombs near the finish line of the race. America watched in horror as pictures and videos of the carnage that ensued that streamed into computers, phones and televisions all over the country.

One of the perpetrators of this heinous act, Djokar Tsarnaev, is set to be tried in November. Although this seems to be a very straightforward case due to the fact circumstances of his capture and the mountain of evidence against him, the process of trying Tsarnaev is already proving to be a difficult task for the justice system. The problem lies in trying to find a fair jury to deliberate on the case. Due to the level of emotion that this event inspired, it has been hard to find a jury that can be considered “fair”. These potential jurors will not only be expected to hear the facts of the case without being predisposed against the terrorist, but they must also be able to decide whether this jihadist deserves the death penalty or life in prison.

No matter who the court decides should be the jurors of this case, it is safe to assume that justice will be done swiftly and decisively.