Cousins of the Court

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Cousins of the Court

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On the Timberlane Boys Varsity Basketball team, there are three students who are not only players, but are also cousins. They have known each other their entire lives and all share a love of sports, especially basketball. The three players included in this trifecta are Cam Donnelly, Matt Rose and Jason Hughes. Cam and Matt are currently seniors, while Jason is a year below them as a junior.They each bring great talent to the court. I spoke to all three boys about what it is like to play the game with each other.

Donnelly stated that, “Playing with Jay and Matt is really cool, especially this year because we have been playing sports together since we were kids and this will be our last season we are all playing together.”

“It has always been competitive between the three of us, between playing basketball or capture the flag at family parties to playing on a basketball team together. It makes all three of us better,” Rose mentioned.

Jay talked about what it is like to play the game with two of his cousins and said, “Playing with my cousins is great. We have a great connection on and off the court. I never think about outshining them. It’s really just trying to do our best and work together as a unit!”

The trio has plenty of supporters that come to their games. Whether it is a sibling, parent, or grandparent, you are sure to see someone from the family in the stands at any of Timberlane’s basketball games. Cam mentioned, “Basketball is not a big part of our family; however, all of our families always come to the games and support us as well as our Nana and Papa.”

Basketball is also a sport that all three of these boys and their families enjoy watching both NBA and NCAA. Even though they all play basketball on the same team, it is not prevalent throughout the rest of their family. Only 4 out of the 13 cousins are playing or have played basketball for Timberlane.

Basketball isn’t the only sport that these guys play.They have an impressive array of sports on their resume. Jason plays baseball in the spring and football in the fall. Cam and Matt were both on the soccer team.

Watch for all three of these players on the court throughout the entire basketball season!

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